A Proven 3 Step Method for Teaching the Most Difficult Skill in Volleyball

Dear Coach,

There's little debate that blocking is the most difficult skill in volleyball.

In fact, many youth coaches make the unfortunate decision to IGNORE the skill of blocking entirely.

They figure that blocking can WAIT until players are older, taller, and more skilled.

This is a Fatal Mistake.

Blocking is a skill that can be and SHOULD BE taught to all levels of volleyball players.

The block is your team's first line of defense. What a blocker does, or fails to do, affects your entire team's defense.

And therefore, it's a skill to develop, practice, and perfect in your volleyball players (even young beginners).

Bob BertucciToday, you can learn an easy, proven system for teaching your players to block from one of the masters: Bob Bertucci.

Bob is a 32 year coaching veteran who has manned the sidelines as head coach for Lehigh, Temple, Rutgers, University of Tennessee, and West Point.

He’s racked up a 667-383 career record. He’s led his teams to multiple NCAA appearances, developed 8 All-Americans, and 46 All-Conference Athletes.

And on top of all that... he's developed a 3 step method for teaching kids how to block.

And it actually WORKS.

Learn from the master right over your computer screen in his latest online video clinic:

"Blockbuster Blocking"

Here's some of what you'll discover:

volleyball skills Bob will improve your players blocking form, footwork, and timing using a 3 step coaching model.
volleyball skills You'll discover 26 brand new blocking drills to use with your players
volleyball skills How to coach short players to become experts at deflecting the ball, even when they can't get up high enough to penetrate the net.
volleyball skills How to quickly "audit" your players blocking ready position using a handy tool you have lying around the gym.
volleyball skills How to train players to "read" the setter and spiker so that they can anticipate the angle of attack.
volleyball skills A 5 minute partner warm-up drill that will help your players double block footwork.
volleyball skills How to train your blockers to position their hands, heads, and bodies to reduce the space on the court for a hitter to attack.
volleyball skills How to prepare your volleyball players to succeed in a "joust" blocking situation
volleyball skills How to teach players to "block with their brain" and quickly analyze when they should slow a ball down, or channel it to areas of the court where back court defenders are positioned.
volleyball skills 3 footwork drills to help your blockers get into a ready position more quickly.
volleyball skills Timing is everything. How to teach your players to EASILY time their block based on their own movement, their opponent's movement, and the ball. (plus, how to help players who tend to over think the situation)
volleyball skills The #1 sight pattern mistake most blockers make (plus 4 vision drills to fix this common error)...HINT: are your blockers watching the ball at exactly the wrong time?
volleyball skills The simplest way to explain most difficult part of blocking (this tip is stolen from a softball coach!)

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