Discover the coveted, little-known volleyball coaching digging secrets used by the pros to keep the ball in play and off the floor...

30 Year Volleyball Veteran Finally Reveals His Breakthrough Digging Techniques And Drills to Develop A Rock-Solid Defense, Win More Matches, And Take Home That First Place Trophy… Guaranteed!

Now it’s as simple as watching a video on your computer and you’re on your way to a winning season with your volleyball team… no matter how long you’ve been coaching!

"Bertucci raised our players' skills to a higher level. We found ourselves much more competitive after taking our players through his clinic. The technical training, coupled with the way the teaching is run on a personal level, seems to be a great combination."

Rose Houk, Head Coach, Galax High School, 1998 Virginia District Champions

Desk of: Coach Larry Reid
Friday, 4:32 pm

Dear Coach,

Are you frustrated trying to figure out how to get your team to keep the ball in play and off the floor?

Are you tired of finishing last or only ever coming in second place?

Or confused about how to prepare a practice session with your team?

Well I know the feeling. You‘re trying to figure it all out yourself, and then you‘re faced with all sorts of parenting and team player issues that make your head spin... and leave you wondering whether this coaching thing is really for you. (Sound familiar?)

You’re faced with questions like:

What is the best way to receive a hard-driven spike?
How can you counteract tipping, off-speed shots and recovering deflections off the block?
Where are the areas of weakness that need improving in my team’s defense?
How do I encourage teamwork, communication and improve digging technique?

And the list goes on and on.

Troubling, isn’t it?

There are enough issues and concerns to consider with volleyball that even the best coaches might be left feeling inadequate when it comes to teaching digging. (Trust me, I’ve been there!)

Well, it’s NOT your fault!

Finally, A Professional Digging
Video Clinic Has Arrived!

Until recently, volleyball coaches have either flown by the seat of their pants, sought out advice from colleagues, read books or attended workshops to gain insights into learning the art of coaching volleyball.

And for some folks that was great... if you had plenty of money to spend, enjoyed being away from home, or you were happy with mediocre improvements you were able to achieve.

But we’ve now come up with a better solution.

You see, while coaching videos have been around for years, few have offered coaches a way to learn essential digging techniques and drills from experienced coaches with real championship pedigree.

That's why I'm so excited to show you this incredible resource from Coach Bob Bertucci - a 30 year veteran with a resume stronger than 10 day old garlic!

He's a 3-time Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year, US National Team veteran, EIVA Coach of the Year, SEC Coach of the Year, and 10 time NCAA conference champion.

And you won't have to fly halfway across the country or shell out for some expensive coaching conference to learn from Coach Bertucci either - because he's coming directly to you, in the comfort of your home or office, in a brand new ONLINE video clinic called "Dominant Digging!"

Once you master these secrets, you'll be able to quickly and easily:

Lay the foundation for a great season — teach coaching principles that have been proven to work, run effective practice sessions and get everyone up to date on what really works
Develop a winning team – build a strong group of players, determine areas of weakness and improve on them and coach any level of volleyball
Teach the basics of digging in volleyball – from each of the 3 key elements of good floor positioning, good body positions and good body posture
Raise the level of team play – instruct your team from the basics to the advanced pro level on the essential defensive skills for countering hard strikes and serves through to emergency digging situations
Make team parents happy – ensure parents are happy by demonstrating that you know what you’re doing and what it takes to give their kids a fun and successful season.
Start winning games – execute the precise and little known techniques and drills that separate the amateurs from the pros, and go on to dominate your league!

And the list goes on… the benefits are endless!

Here's What You Receive
When You Order and Instantly Access ‘Dominant Digging’

Bob BertucciWhether you're brand new to coaching... or you've been doing this for years... you'll love the friendly, practical advice you'll discover inside this amazing resource.

You get expert advice on teaching digging skills to any age group, emergency drills and ways to help you plan and organize your practices more effectively.

It will help struggling players, encourage good sportsmanship, and provide a proven way to lead your team with confidence before, during and after a match.

Relax, as Coach Bertucci takes you through the precise digging strategies he's used to become one of the most celebrated defensive coaches in the game... and learn exactly how to teach and implement them with your own team!

It's fun, fast, and easy to learn.

As soon as you place your order, you'll be directed to our special member's area, where you'll get instant access to all the material.

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device, or save them to your computer (Mac or PC) to watch any time.

Taking you through the 3 key phrases of this critical low position defense, your team will immediately have the advantage against spikes and serves. In this video you will discover quickly:

  1. How to establish good floor position

  2. How to establish good body position

  3. How to establish good body posture

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll watch, listen and learn inside…

volleyball skills Get back and dig drill: The best way to develop skills to move forward and backward on defense
volleyball skills Dig reaction drill: A sure-fire way to developing digging skills and the ability to read the spikers angle
volleyball skills Multi corner spin drill: The right way to developing digging skills and a willingness to hustle
volleyball skills Circle dig pass drill: Exactly how to develop the ability to dig a ball and introduce defensive positioning
volleyball skills Digging accuracy drill: The one basic secret of how to develop the skills for digging accurately
volleyball skills Defensive movement drill: How to develop passing skills while performing various defensive movements
volleyball skills Two for the defense drill: A surprising new way to develop digging skills, positioning and ready on defense
volleyball skills Recovering at the net drill: An automatic way to ensure the development of techniques for playing a ball out of the net and improving reaction and concentration skills
volleyball skills Dig and Roll Drill: A special way to teach the skills involved in receiving spikes and executing emergency techniques
volleyball skills Keeping it going drill: The most overlooked techniques for digging and executing emergency techniques to play the ball
volleyball skills Up, Back, and side to side drill: Quick fixes to improve the defensive adjustment and the directional responsibility
volleyball skills Dig Set Drill: A ‘magic bullet’ to develop defensive passing skills
volleyball skills Multi Player Defense Drill: Breakthrough solutions to develop digging for seams and open areas of the court
volleyball skills Four Player Defensive Coverage Drill: Outrageous new method to develop specific defensive skills and team movement techniques
volleyball skills Half Court Digging Drill: A simple trick to improve emergency techniques, digging and flow of play
volleyball skills Sprint and Chase Drill: How to prepare and create teamwork and communication skills necessary for running down a ball that is about to go out of play
volleyball skills Dig it again drill: The absolute best way to teach individuals how to position themselves defensively and to develop the reaction and reading skills involved in digging
volleyball skills Emergency techniques: Two ways to go for the ball and execute an emergency technique
volleyball skills Never say die drill: Insider secrets to teaching the techniques involved in going to the floor after balls that even beginners are able to use
volleyball skills A weaving figure eight drill: Quickly develop the defensive range of each player and emergency recover techniques

Now, you may be skeptical, but listen. Coach Bertucci is truly one of the most accomplished, and most respected volleyball technicians on the planet.

That's why hundreds of coaches from all over the world have paid top dollar to attend his clinics and learn his secrets in person. Here's what some of them had to say...

"Four years of Bob Bertucci's strategies have greatly raised the level of play in the entire South Atlanta area. All of our players thoroughly enjoy the enthusiasm of Bob's experienced staff."

Barb Mason
Landmark Christian School,
2000 Georgia State Elite Eight A, AA, AAA Division

"For 14 years, my teams attended Bob Bertucci Volleyball Clinics. They were taught and exposed to sound fundamentals, as well as the most innovative aspects of the game. Regardless of the skill level of the team, the coaching staff spent the time and effort. They enjoyed sharing their knowledge, making camp a special experience."

Sherry Ammons
Huntsville High School,
Former Alabama State Champions

"Campers and teams are taken through a progression of skills... teams learn what the coach wants to run."

Ed Irvin
South Doyle High School,
Former Tennessee State Champions

"Over the past 16 years, Ashley Hall has won 11 volleyball championships. By attending the Bertucci Volleyball Camps we have been able to stay ahead of our competition and on the cutting edge of this ever-changing game. The intensive skill training that each player gets in the 3-day individual camp is unmatched. The team camp allows the players to combine their individual skills and work for the common goal of championship caliber performances."

Franny Slay
Ashley Hall 8-time South Carolina Independent School Association's 1AAA State Champions 7 in the last 8 years

"Bob Bertucci's camp not only improves and strengthens player skills but also promotes teamwork and instills confidence in each player. Coaches are highly qualified and are able to relate to all levels of skills. It's always a great experience for both players and coaches."

Sylvia Viglietti
Head Coach
Bishop Byrne High School

"Clinics stress basic fundamentals, the building blocks to a successful program. Bob's camp is tailored to all levels from beginner to advanced using game-like drills."

Suzie Pignetti
Head Coach
Charlotte Latin School

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Digging in Volleyball is Critical,
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Sure... you could go it alone. But why bother?

Learning these "lockbox" secrets directly from one of the all-time masters is the quickest, most reliable way to leapfrog your the other teams in your league and get a massive competitive advantage.

It lets you build trust with your players; it shows them how to properly execute this low level form of defense against hard-driven spikes. And it gives your team proven techniques that guarantee they can handle emergency situations.

That’s why it’s time to…

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Watch your team dominate the competition. And that's it!

I’ve already received an avalanche of response to this. Remember, this is a one-on-one video clinic, where you will be taught Bob Bertucci's “highly effective professional digging secrets” that have turned ordinary volleyball teams into dominant powerhouses. It’s important to order right now so you don’t miss out.

Here’s to your next winning match.

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