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Desk of: Coach Larry Reid
Wednesday 11:09 AM

Dear Friend and Fellow Coach...

Pop quiz.

The key to a consistent, winning volleyball team is

a) A killer playbook
b) Speed, quickness and athleticism
c) Athletes who can execute skills with correct technique

If you picked “c”… then you’re bang on.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your play-calling is… or how naturally athletic your players are, if they haven't been taught how to execute volleyball skills with correct technique, they will NEVER live up to their potential.

Teaching technique is your job as a coach, and it all starts with...


Correct volleyball footwork is the foundation of skill technique, but unfortunately, very few coaches dedicate even 15 minutes to intensive footwork training throughout their entire season.

In many ways, footwork training is the missing link to consistent volleyball performance

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a brand new coaching resource we are releasing today, which shows you

Exactly How To “Install”
Proper Footwork Technique Into Every
Player On Your Team!

You'll see instant results in your team's passing, defense, blocking, & setting after just 1 practice devoted to footwork...

And don't think you're team is just going to be shuffling around for 60 minutes; our online clinic is packed with footwork drills that are new, effective, and NOT BORING (most of my players even classify them as "fun").

You’ll learn simple training secrets that teach your players how to:

footwork 6 drills that will correct the 4 most common footwork errors that are made during passing.
footwork How to encourage your players to make efficient movements with their feet so that they are ready to move in ANY position to make a play.
footwork How to correct long-standing technique errors in your players (without having to compromise performance while they adjust).
footwork How to quickly identify if your players are putting too much weight on their heels (and a simple balance drill that will help them determine their ideal weight placement).
footwork The best way to "show" volleyball players mistakes in their passing platform (You won't have to repeat the same coaching correction over and over during practice). This one's great for visual learners!
footwork A simple drill that will help your players get their hips low and facing the target on defense.
footwork The most important body part to watch when trying to evaluate your players defensive body position (hint: it's not their feet).
footwork How to correct players who keep their toes pointed outwards, holding back their speed and agility on the court (very common in female players).

Step by step breakdowns and drills for the 4 most common blocking footwork patterns:

  • hop step
  • step hop
  • step cross hop
  • shuffle step cross hop
footwork How to help your blockers determine which of the 4 footwork patterns is necessary based on how far away they are from the ball.
footwork 10 blocking drills to help your players get "loaded at the net" with their knees bent, weight slightly forward, arms shoulder width apart, and hands in front.
footwork Setters typically have the most footwork errors on any given team. Discover how to prepare your setters to get in the "ready position" quickly and easily (then watch as their sets become textbook examples overnight).
footwork How to train your setters to move forward to cover even after setting the ball back.
footwork 3 drills to help your setters develop an instinct to get to the net THEN look for the ball (and not the other way around).
footwork And much, much more...

Here's what other coaches are saying:

"Drills Seem to Stick"

“My old footwork drills only worked well in isolation, but once the kids got on the court they suddenly forgot everything we had talked about. These drills are totally different, they seem to "stick" and my players no longer look like they have 2 left feet on the court! ”

-Randy Masterson


"Notebook Full of New Ideas"

“I have a bookshelf full of volleyball coaching books, videos, and dvds, but after watching this clinic I can confidently say that NONE of those resources covered the subject of footwork in good detail. I'm realizing that I've neglected footwork training throughout my coaching career, which is tough to admit. This online clinic sent me off to practice with a notebook full of new drill ideas. I'd recommend this to any coach at any level. ”

-Sam Kaiopi


"Unorthodox Can Be Good"

“I've been coaching the same group of girls for 6 straight years. There are 3 girls on the team that always baffeled me, it seemed they weren't living up to their potential. These footwork drills have been the difference. Suddenly, skills are "clicking" and they're super-pumped about their improvement. I know these unusual drills were the difference. Just because you don't see other coaches doing these drills in the gym, doesn't mean they don't work. Unorthodox can be a very "good thing". ”

-Mandi Barnstable


Look. I could go on and on about the cutting edge footwork training contained in this clinic, but you really have to see it to understand.

Trying to explain these drills in a letter is like trying to see a painting in a dark room.

You really gotta watch the online videos to truly absorb these radical volleyball coaching techniques.

So here's the deal: I've really gone to the wall for you here, against everyone else's advice. My accountant thinks I've gone bonkers.

But I really want to prove to you how ground-breaking this training really is, and how well it'll work for YOUR team.

So I've created the best deal I can think of... but it's only available for a limited time.

If you're NOT interested in discovering the missing link that's keeping some of your players from being the very best they can be...

- That's okay -

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If your not totally blown away with how easily your players pick up the proper footwork patterns leading to dramatic improvements in their passing, defense, blocking, & setting...

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Coach Larry Reid

PS - Look all you want for a catch - there isn't one. I stand behind this “Volleyball Footwork Bootcamp” online video clinic more than anything I've ever recommended before.

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