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Beginner Volleyball Drills

How Beginner Drills Can Help

For a new athlete, beginner volleyball drills are an excellent way to build a foundation of good technique. Drills allow athletes to pick out one movement and focus on perfecting that portion of the skill. By isolating each part of a skill, athletes are better able to understand how the movements fit together and produce success.

Beginner volleyball drills can also help athletes develop the mental endurance required of any sport. Beginners usually are unaware of how much of a sport is mental compared to the physical. Drills teach athletes to pay attention to the details, to fight mental fatigue, and to work themselves through a tough situation by repeating the action again and again until reaching success.

When to Practice

The best thing about beginner volleyball drills is that they can often be done alone without any special equipment. This means that athletes can practice as much as they like. In general, athletes should strive to practice basic volleyball drills at least five times a week, either in or out of practice. If an athlete does not have a scheduled practice, they should spend 30 minutes or more working on basic technique on their own.

Best Beginner Volleyball Drills

The best beginner volleyball drills are usually quite simple and short. These drills pull out one major feature of a skill at a time and work it until an athlete is entirely comfortable before moving on. For example, a hitting drill will work on either speed or accuracy but not both until the athlete is more advanced.

Tip Top Passing

This passing drill teaches athletes to pass from their fingertips, avoiding the tendency to “palm” the ball. Athletes should work with a partner, passing back and forth in a controlled manner. Athletes should focus on receiving and returning the ball entirely with the fingertips, not allowing their palms to make contact with the ball. If an athlete does “palm” the ball, they must complete another activity, such as 20 sit-ups.

Bump in Place

This bumping drill teaches athletes where to place the ball on their forearms. This is a single person drill but can be turned into a competition if the coach wants to see who can bump the longest.

Athletes should work on always hitting the ball with the same place on their forearms; this will keep the ball from flying in one direction or another. The ball should be bumped as many times as possible without letting it fall (be sure to check out our other volleyball setting drills). The person who keeps it in the air the longest wins!

Bleacher Jump

This vertical jumping drill lets athletes build muscle as well as discipline. Athletes stand on the floor at the edge of the bleacher stairs. They jump from the floor to the first step on the bleachers, staying there for as little time as possible. Athletes then jump back to the floor and repeat, focusing on clean, controlled jumps and overall height. > Volleyball Drills > Beginner Volleyball Drills

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