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Volleyball Serving Drills

Volleyball serving drills should practice consistency, aim, and power. Since serves are the beginning of every play, they can make or break a team’s chances and should not be taken lightly. With the following drills, athletes will learn these skills as well as have fun.

Stationary Blocks

Out of all the great volleyball serving drills, the Stationary Blocks drill is fun and educational. The court is split into nine even blocks, similar to where players stand during normal play. The team is split in two, standing at opposite corners of the court. One player on each side is in the block closest to their teammates. This player can be standing, or to make it harder, sitting.

The first player in line on both sides serves to the player standing or sitting in the block. Without moving, the player in the block must catch the serve. When the player can catch the serve, they move to the next block over, repeating this until they have made it around the court. After a server has their serve caught, they move to the back of the line and let another server move forward.

A variation on this drill could have the server take the place of the stationary teammate after their serve is caught, allowing the player in the block to join the serving line.

This drill can be turned into a competition by judging to see which team can serve accurately enough to move their stationary player through all the blocks on their side of the net. Coaches can also time this drill for speed, seeing how many blocks a team can master before the specified time runs out.

Serve and Sprint Relay

Players line up on one side of the court in two vertical lines. Athletes should be behind the end line so they are in proper serving position. The first player in each line serves and sprints to retrieve the ball. If they serve successfully, they pass the ball to the next person in line to repeat. If the athlete does not serve successfully, they must join the line and try again.

This volleyball serving drill should be done with some time limit in mind to put pressure on athletes and encourage quick sprints to retrieve the ball. It can be made into a competition by turning it into a relay, with the first team to cycle through everyone successfully winning. The losing team can be punished with volleyball conditioning drills.

Target Practice

Like the opposite of dodgeball, the Target Practice drill intends for athletes to hit their teammates with the volleyball. Three players on each side of the court line up as servers. All other players sit on the court wherever they please, ensuring that there is an equal number of players on each side. Servers must attempt to hit their teammates, who are on the opposite side of the court.

Once a teammate is hit, they jump up, retrieve the ball that hit them, and join their teammates across the court in the serving line. The first team to get all players up and in the serving line wins.

Athletes should be sure to cover their heads and pay close attention during this and other volleyball serving drills, as the ball can hurt if athletes are not prepared. > Volleyball Drills > Volleyball Serving Drills

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