WARNING: Don't Even Think About Going To
Your Next Volleyball Practice Until You Read This!

“Discover 65 Game-Tested
Drills To Rapidly Improve Your
Youth Volleyball Team!"

Desk of: Coach Larry Reid

Dear Coach,

What Coaches Who
Know Are Saying...

San Antonio Coach Goes 52-10!

"Loved the variety of drills for beginners to advance skills. Great ideas for all levels. We went 52-10 for the club season."

-Maggie Lakata
San Antonio Xtreme
San Antonio TX.

"Easy To Follow Format"

"It is set up in an easy to follow format, and gives you a good base to follow. The drills are my favorite part. It is always nice to see some new drills or old drills with a twist. We've started off the season 5-1."

-Shawn Stoliker
Millbrook High School
Millbrook, NY

"From 4-32 to 30-6!"

"The plans and drills helped me and my team greatly. It takes little to no time to prepare for the practices and its breaks down all the skills/drills for you. You save hours of planning. We went from 4-32 the previous year to 30-6 last year. This year we are already 20-1!"

-Jason Straile
Creighton Kodiaks
Creighton, Canada

"Only 5 Minutes To Prepare For Practice"

"Using the pre-designed practice plans saves me time. Now I onlyspend about 5 minutes preparing for a 2 1/2 hour practice, rather than a half an hour. Our net play and defense have improved"

-Kimberly Bork
Dixon Duchesses (Sophomores)
Dixon, Illinois

"From 2-14 to 6-5"

"A quick an easy reference to use when planning my practices. Using the pre-designed practice plans it is very quick to create my practice plans. So far we are 6-5 but we have 5 more games to go. There has been a major improvement from last year (2-14)."

-Robin Reese
Lady Barons
Amelia, Ohio

"Gets The Most Out Of The Kids In The Time We Have"

"Allowed me to easily put together a practice for my frosh, jv and varsity. The practice plans helped me to organize my practice to get the most out of the kids and the time we have together."

-Coach Amezcua
Calipatria Hornets
Calipatria, CA

"Undefeated, 2nd Year In A Row"

"Your ebook helped because it gave me a wide variety of drills to choose from letting me pick the skills I felt my team needed to work on most. My high school team went undefeated for the 2nd year in a row but my individual player performance got much getter."

-Bill Bucci
Warwick Academy
Bermuda Nat'l Volleyball Team
Smiths, Bermuda

"Fun and Easy to Follow"

"It is easy to follow, provides drills for all levels, and the drills are fun! It takes me no time to prepare for practice since you have it planned out. We were very proud of the improvements made during the season and can hardly wait until next season."

-Melissa Shelby
East Middle School
Shelbyville, Kentucky

"Preparing For Practice Is A Snap"

"With the pre-designed practice plans, designing and preparing for a practice is a snap. All we have to do is come up with a theme for the practice and your pre-designed practice plans help us get started.

In match play we were 45-7 and the organization and focus on basic skills were instrumental in the teams success."

-James "JD" DePass
Altitude Navy 12's
Colorado Springs, CO

"Practice Planning Took No Time"

"The plans are ready to roll! Once I was familiar with the drills, practice planning took no time. We are more organized this year, team has focused on individual strengths to bring on the court-thus forming a stronger union of players."

-Heather Webb
Valley Vista High School
Surprise, AZ

"Such A Time Saver!"

"Such a time saver with so much helpful information. A great convenience."

-Marth Perry
Bristol, NH

"I'm Able To Spend More Time With Athletes"

"The plans shorten my prep time so I'm able to spend more time with athletes and focus on problem areas. Right now we are 8-3 a major improvement over last year"

-Kathy Reynolds
Spokane, WA

Junior High Coach Starts
Season 10-1

"So far we are 10-1! Your system has helped us to stay structured at practice which in turn kept our game structured and helped them stay focused."

-Lisa Reed
North Davies Jr. High
Odon, IN

"Great Improvement By The End of The Season!"

"I can honestly say that I saw great improvement by the end of the season, and with so many 1st time players, that's what mattered in this situation. I think the materials helped tremendously because it focused on all that the girls needed to work on & was written out perfectly."

-Tiffani Bailey
Houston Southwest Heat(14's)
Houston, Tx/USA

"4 More Tournament Victories"

"Using your plans, we kept things new and avoided dull practice time. The improvement from year to year was very noticble, we had four more Tournament victories than the year before. The plans and better use of practice time was the key."

-J. Friddle
Atlanta GA

"A Great Way To Be More Productive"

"With the easy to read diagrams and breakdown of drills by skill level, it's a great way to organize practices and be more productive."

-Peter Potworth
Bolingbrook IL

First Time Coach Says...

"Being a 1st time head coach, you drills helped give me more confidence when running my practices, and gave me a place from which to start. So far our record is 12-8, last year our record was 6-19. I would highly recommend your system, especially for new coaches, or veteran coaches who need some new ideas."

-Natalie Doverspike
Augusta Beavers
Augusta, WI

"Simple To Use... Gets Coaches More Organized"

"My club coaches showed improved ability to communicate their drills and to effectively run practices. It keeps them organized for workouts and ultimately more effective in improving the skills of the players. The ebook is simple to use and the plans get newer coaches (and coaches that haven't used written plans) more organized."

-Jeff Robison
Canby Volleyball Club, Oregon

"I See Major Improvement
In ALL My Girls"

"The book has been very beneficial in helping me out as a first time coach with inexperienced girls. I'm able to use drills that connect with them on their level and the drills are easy to modify. Plus, the practice plans make things easy if I haven't planned a thing. I can just go to it and be done. We've only been practicing for a month, but I see major improvement in all my girls."

-Kristi Armstrong
Green River Pirates, Utah

"Makes Us More Efficient Coaches"

"Your system proved to be a valuable ressource as it helped in preparing the appropriate drills for our team. It is a tool that makes us better and more efficient coaches."

St. Paul Glaciers

"Takes 5 Minutes To
Prep For Practice"

"Good insight and well organized drills. I takes 5 minutes to prep for practice, tops. It has helped me be more organized and efficient"

-J. M.
Farmington HS Scorpions
Farmington NM

"Very User Friendly"

"Very user friendly and it gave me confidence. I am a first year coach and a P.E. teacher, so I enjoyed how the drills are clearly labelled for each specific age or skill level."

-Mike H.
Calgary, Alberta

Delaware Coach Says...

"Helped me figure out what drills to use and how much time to devote to each one. It's a great tool and has so many useful drills that can be tailored to any level."

-Kelly Geldof
St. John The Beloved Eagles
Newark, DE

"A Vast Improvement In The Team"

"There was vast improvement in the team with all my girls making their school teams and 99% made the position they wanted. I would deffinantly recomend your system to other coaches."

-David Steadham
Fort Smith Juniors, Arkansas

"Helps Coaches Feel More Confident"

"Helps coaches that are a little unsure about how to run a practice feel more confident. It gave me some fresh ideas to keep the girls from getting bored."

-Angela Monds
Reinhardt College Lady Eagles
Waleska, GA

From 1-9 to 8-2!

"Last year, my daughter's team won 1 game the whole season. This year, I took over the coaching and used your system. It helped organize my drills by the skills we were working on at the time. Our record was 8 & 2!"

-Shelly Lund

"More Time To Focus On
What We Need"

"Easy to use, and only takes a few minutes to prepare for a successful practice. It helps me by giving more time to focus on what we need to do rather than having to take time to figure out whats next. The girls have improved a lot since the beginning of school 6 weeks ago!"

-Ashley Lions
Pasadena, Texas

Ranked #11 Nationally

"Makes your life easier plus it helps you become a better coach by increasing your creativity and knowledge. I now have more exciting ways to practice fundamentals and make them fun to. We are 18-0 so far and ranked #11 Nationally."

-Amy Bergin
Haverford College
Haverford, PA

"Very Detailed Drills"

"It gives new coaches and veterans very detailed drills that are easy to implement and provides a great framework for practice structure."

-Jarrod DuBose-Schmitt
Crestwood Lady Knights
Sumter, SC

"Helpful For Any Level Of Play"

"We went 10-2, and made it to the play-offs my first year, and a big part goes to your ebook! It is very helpful for any level of play."

-Tomlisha Randle
Lady Mustangs

"Makes practice fun and stress free for me."

-Amy Van Dyke
Fishers, IN

From 0-10 to 5-5!

"The practice plans help me with more efficient timing and better "flow" to the practices. A great resource for planning practices...a wealth of drills so the athletes don't get bored with the "same old same old". Our team was 5-5 this season...improvement over 0-10 last season."

-Debbie Rogers
Vankleek Hill Rebels
Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

"A Huge Improvement"

"Using the pre designed plans made it very easy to prepare for practice - usually in just minutes. At this time we are 12-3, a huge improvement from last season. I would greatly recommend this to other coaches new and experienced."

-Tom Schuler
Hawken Hawks
Gates Mills Ohio US

High School Coach Says...

"Your ebook was easy to read unlike some others I have seen. Last season (my first) we were 3-18. So far we are 7-6 against a harder schedule, so we have seen some good improvement. Volleyball Drills & Practice Plans helped by giving some fresh ideas to use in practice."

-Steve Mills
Jefferson Forest High School

"I Felt More Focused"

"Being a lay-coach, my time is very valuable. With the pre-designed plans, I felt more focused entering practice knowing that everything was so streamlined. At 20-12, we are on pace to have yet another winning season, but the biggest difference lies with focus and time the drills allowed."

Wes Kellerman
Lady Cats
Ramsey, IN

In just a moment, I'm gonna show you how to quickly
and easily
propel your volleyball team to winning more matches than you ever thought possible.

(and make your role as a coach 100 times easier and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before)

Since 2008, over 12,007 busy volleyball coaches just like you have tapped into the “Insider Secrets” that sent their teams skyrocketing to the top of the standings...

With very little time, and almost no effort.

It doesn't matter how little (or how much) experience you have as a volleyball coach... or how poorly your team is playing right now...

You can instantly start blowing your competition out of the gym with massive serves, surgically precise passes, and guided missile spikes that send opponents scurrying for cover.

(even if your players are small, clumsy or unathletic)

I know it sounds a bit crazy... maybe even a little hard to believe.

So before we go any further, lemme show you the specific kinds of results I’m talking about.

After an brutal last place season, Jack Simon was sick and tired of losing. So he decided give my coaching system a whirl. Read his message below to see how much his girls improved...

"From Last Place to 15-3"


"We went from finishing last the year before to 15-3 and second place. The drills were easy to apply and understand, and gave me good advise on preparing my practice. When I took over the team, it was going nowhere, and now the girls are having fun and working hard."

Jack Simon
Gatineau Titans (14-15)
Gatineau, QC

Bobby Harris is a contractor in Laurinburg, NC, and with his busy work schedule, has very little time to prepare for coaching his volleyball team.

After stumbling across my website, he implemented some of my strategies. Here's what he had to say:

"A 200% Improvement... With LESS TALENT"

"I'm a contractor so my schedule is very busy. Using your system it let's me to prepare for practice in just 5 minutes. And it gives me a step by step plan that I don't have to spend hours preparing for.

This same time last year we were terrible. But using your system we have improved 200% with LESS talent than last year."

Bobby Harris
Springhill Spartians
Laurinburg, North Carolina

And this Arkansas coach was able to cut her practice prep time down by 35 minutes using my simple techniques:

"Less Than 10 Minutes To Get
Ready For Practice!"

"Before, it used to take me 45 minutes to decide on what drills to work on. The detail explainations and graphics helped me understand exactly how each drill worked. And with your plans already in place, it now takes me less than 10 minutes to get everything ready!"

Coach Stotts
Ramay Junior High
Fayetteville, Arkansas

And that's just a tiny sample of the coaches who have tried out my volleyball coaching system and seen immediate, dramatic results (look to the right to see a few more).

So What’s Their Secret?

What do these coaches know that you don’t?

The fact is... most rookie coaches (as well as many "vets") murder their chances of success before they even walk into the gym.

Because they completely miss the one simple strategy that truly creates a high performance volleyball team:

Practice Planning
The RIGHT Way!

If you've ever watched a great college or national team practice... you've already seen this principle in action.

The drills are fun... competitive... and follow a natural skill progression

The entire team is on the same page, and sticks to a precise practice schedule.

All your players get detailed instruction on volleyball fundamentals...

AND the chance to go head-to-head against their teammates in small group and "game situation" drills.

Each activity flows smoothly from one to another… new concepts are grasped immediately…

And your team gets instantly “programmed” with every skill, tactic and play...


So when it comes to game time, YOUR kids are better trained, better prepared (and better coached)…

And they wipe the floor with your competition while you sit back and enjoy the moment.

But if all this was easy, then every Tom, Dick and Harry would have a garage full of first place trophies.

The fact is... practice planning is NOT easy.

You have a limited amount of gym time to work with and a wide range of skill levels on your team.

Coming up with fresh, new drills and organizing them into step by step plan is complex, time consuming, and nerve-racking.

But it doesn't have to be...

Because I've prepared a very special package just for you...

And if you act today, you can get your hands my championship-proven stash of

65 Fully Diagrammed, Stunningly Effective Volleyball Drills, and
35 Pre-Designed Practice Plans!

You'll never be stuck flat-footed on the gym floor, wondering "What the heck am I gonna do next?"

Cuz these "magic" volleyball blueprints are completely pre-formulated with a minute-by-minute program...

Guaranteed To Eliminate
Volleyball Coaching Stress!

Each practice plan is jam-packed with easy-to-implement, outrageously effective volleyball drills that are customizable for any level - from 10U to Varsity High School.

And every drill is explained in plain English with step by step instructions and coaching tips.

In fact, this coaching resource is loaded with so many championship-proven passing, setting, hitting, blocking, serving and tactical drills…

You’ll never struggle for practice ideas again!

volleyball drills and practice plans

Here Are Some Of The Volleyball Coaching Secrets You'll Learn...

volleyball skills 65 UNIQUE, FUN and EFFECTIVE volleyball drills explained with full-color diagrams and step by step instructions.
volleyball skills 35 "clipboard ready" pre-designed practice plans including warm-up, fundamentals, and game prep. Fully printable and ready for instant use!

"Helped Reduce My Planning Time By Hours"

"Your system is awesome...it helped reduce my planning time by hours and gives me more time to focus on the skills themselves."

-J. Kraft
Phelps, NY

volleyball skills The simple 4 step formula even a “rookie coach" can use to design super-efficient, masters-level practices that’ll have opposing coaches spying from the bleachers
volleyball skills Unique, innovative ideas that will add FUN into your practices (here's a hint... one of them uses a bed sheet!)
volleyball skills

9 simple strategies to teach Passing and Setting. Including:

- 3-6-9 Passing (pg 9)
- Harass The Passer (pg 17)
- Dig and Dash Drill (pg 12) ... and much more.

volleyball skills How to crank up the “fun factor” in your practice… while keeping your players focused and motivated (HINT: it’s all about using “competitive drills”)
volleyball skills The little-known secrets to teaching volleyball skills that "stick". You'll learn step by step coaching strategies for passing, setting, attacking, blocking, serving and more!

Undefeated Coach Says...

"Right now we are undefeated - half way through our season. Other teams are still practicing bumps and sets just to get the ball over the net, and we are practicing digs, spikes, and setting up plays. We are communicating for each play and the other teams are watching the ball hit the floor. This ROCKS!"

-B. Wise
GCAA Strikers
Garner, NC, USA

volleyball skills The easy 90 second "trick" that teaches young players to use 3 hits... automatically!
volleyball skills The biggest mistake new coaches make when running volleyball tryouts (and how to avoid this embarrassing slip-up)
volleyball skills How to get out of the practice rut! Players like variety – and there is life after laps around the gym!
volleyball skills The secret to teaching young volleyball players to serve consistently
volleyball skills

21 all-new Hitting and Blocking Drills built right into the Practice Plans, including:

- Snap the Wrist (pg 20)
- Corner Tip Drill (pg 22)
- Tennis Ball Throw (pg 26)... and much more.

volleyball skills Your players and their parents will be utterly amazed and blown away with your coaching IQ (even if this is all new to you!).

"Parents Are Impressed..."

"Parents have been impressed with the structure of practices and the emphasis on fundamentals as they translate to game situations. The boys enjoy the drills and I am enjoying coaching. Your practice plans are a treasure."

-Bob Gibson
Greenwood, Indiana

volleyball skills A truly “no brainer” (yet usually overlooked) way to perfect your back row attack
volleyball skills The single most important skill middle school volleyball players need to learn (and why it’s usually overlooked)
volleyball skills

8 battle tested Serving drills that will have your kids hammering vicious serves over the net and scoring aces with ease, including:

- 10 Serves In (pg 31)
- Serving Targets (pg 39)
- Miss the Chairs (pg 35) and much more.

volleyball skills How to help players overcome fear of the ball and dig big hits with ease
volleyball skills The simple secret to impenetrable multiple blocking (HINT: it's all about timing and communication)

"Blocking Has Been Instrumental"

"My favorite part was the drills for blocking ideas - our weakest point. This year, we went 23-5... and blocking has been instrumental to our success."

-J. Andrews
Chicago, IL

volleyball skills

14 innovative Tactical Drills that keep your practices fun and fresh (and deliver head-shaking results!) You'll learn:

- Three Hits (pg 30)
- Dig and Tip Recover (pg 33)
- Three vs. the "D"(pg 40)... and much more.

volleyball skills The single biggest secret to getting your setters to maintain concentration and execute under pressure
volleyball skills Minute by minute practice formulas including warm-up, fundamentals, and game prep.... Everything is broken down in step by step detail… so you’re never left on the floor wondering what to do next.
volleyball skills Insider tips to develop a hitter's arm swing mechanics and concentration

"Major Improvements With Hitting!"

"I liked having the variety of drills. It really cuts down on the time it takes to make practice plans. We went 10-2 and saw major improvements with hitting."

-Kim Kaspar
Aurora Falcons

volleyball skills How to teach players to react to the ball with lightning quick lateral movement
volleyball skills

The CORRECT way to structure your water breaks (do this wrong and you could seriously risk the health of your players!)

volleyball skills How to teach a “skill progression”… starting with the basic fundamentals and working up to advanced skills (kids learn skills 3-5 times faster when structured this way!)
volleyball skills 14 drills that dramatically improve court awareness... guaranteed!

"My Team Is More Aware On The Court"

"Your plans gave me more ideas and variety to keep my girls involved in practice. Other coaches have commented on how my team is more aware on the court."

-Kari J.
Chetek, WI

volleyball skills The simple 3 minute trick high school players can use to instantly improve hitting accuracy
volleyball skills Does running suicide sprints really work? I’ll reveal insider advice on the best way to motivate your team to work hard in practice
volleyball skills How to keep the defense off-balance and guessing at the net
volleyball skills The key to running pre-practice warm-ups that get your athletes mentally focused
volleyball skills Progressive drills for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. This system covers such a wide range of volleyball skills, it'll be the only coaching resource you'll EVER need

"Used It From Middle School, All The Way To Varsity"

"Your ebook provided information that my program used starting with Middle School, all the way to varisty. We have won twice as many games as last season and still have 3 weeks to go."

-Jason Lampton
University School
Fort Lauderdale, FL

volleyball skills Printable practice plans- clipboard ready. All the fun of coaching, without the hassle.
volleyball skills The #1 key to hitting a deep pass (and why most coaches get this dead wrong!)
volleyball skills How to teach players to angle their blocks to the inside of the court. This simple technique will earn you an extra 2 or 3 points per game!
volleyball skills The A-B-C formula for teaching variety and accuracy to your attackers
volleyball skills 8 ways to inject intensity and competition into your practices (Hint: it's all about simulating game situations)

"Increased The Intensity of My Practices"

"Your Drills & Practice Plans are well written, easy to understand, and increased the intensity of my practices."

-Charles Montgomery
SJMV 6th graders
Mountain View, CA

volleyball skills Parents: Give your little guy or girl a headstart, with 17 drills designed just for "future stars"
volleyball skills How to teach your hitters to wipe their spikes off well-placed blocks
volleyball skills Impress seasoned volleyball parents with your new knowledge of the game
volleyball skills The secret to reading the defense and recognizing where an attacker should place the ball

"Parents Are Proud..."

"The practice plans help to keep me on track and work harder as a coach to optimize the little time that I have with them. The girls are playing their hearts out, and the parents are PROUD of their accomplishments."

-Conrado Chavez
Springfield, MA

volleyball skills And much, much more...

You'll have a virtual encyclopedia of volleyball know-how that’s designed specifically for coaches.

And it’s organized into fully searchable chapters for beginner, intermediate and advanced teams, so you'll actually use it over and over.

Think of all the time you'll save...

And how good it'll feel to run a mega-efficient practice that's guaranteed to impress ANY assistant coach, team parent or school official.

And what's really exciting is that

You Can Be Discovering These
Volleyball Coaching Secrets
In Just 90 Seconds!

The entire "Volleyball Drills and Practice Plans" system is included in a downloadable PDF ebook.

Just place your secure order, and you'll have instant access to it. It's as easy as opening an email, and there's no special skills or equipment required.

And -- just in case you need it -- we'll walk you through the process with easy step by step instructions.

You can start coaching the right way at your very next practice. (Heck... I suggest you get started tonight!)

And there's no waiting for the mailman to show up... and no shipping and handling fee.

I guarantee you'll be amazed with just how fun and easy it can be to win more volleyball games.

And it keeps getting better...

If you order right now, I'm also going to throw in a free bonus, valued at $14.95...

For absolutely no charge!

Special Bonus Report #1

"Volleyball Tryout Secrets"

volleyball tryout secrets

Do you dread tryouts and player selection? Whether you coach a competitive team or a recreational "no-cut" team, this special report will teach you how to select the best possible players... without caving in to political pressure.

I'll reveal the closely guarded secrets of my Team Selection Matrix, a scientific approach to evaluating your pool of talent... and much, much more. You'll learn...

How to choose the right number of players for your team - targeted advice for all levels of competition
Insider tips on how to announce your cuts (Here's a hint: posting the team roster on the gym bulletin board is bound to backfire!)
How to insulate yourself and protect your tryouts from prying parents and nosy officials
How to pick the best players for the end of your bench. This time-tested secret may surprise you!
What to look for when filling each of the positions for your team... detailed skill requirements for attackers, blockers, setters and liberos
A fresh approach on the value of Attitude, Coachability, Athleticism, and Potential. How to decide the importance of these factors when selecting your team
A ready-made Volleyball Tryout Plan, with minute-by-minute instructions from start to finish. Two full hours of drills and coaching tips to isolate fundamental strengths and weaknesses.

Coach Raves About Tryout Matrix

"I liked how your tryouts matrix gave me a point system to evaluate players. It also gives the players a chance to see how they are specifically being evaluated and cuts down preparation time significantly. The teams record is 6 and 1 so far.

I have recommended this to other coaches at my school and shared this information. They have welcomed it and incorporated it into their coaching."

Phil Farrol
Western Academy of Beijing
Beijing, China

"We Have Immensely Improved"

"I never used to do formal practice plans, however, your book "enlightened" me on the importance of there use. The book has defintely helped me with our goals of being a better passing and serving team. We have immensely improved in both areas and are 16-2 so far on the season."

-Norm Rock
Richfield Tigers
Richfield, Idaho, USA

And you can get unrestricted access to these "Insider Secrets"

In Just 90 Seconds!

No matter how horrible your team is playing right now… and no matter how impossible it seems… you're just 90 seconds away from running stunningly effective volleyball practices that'll improve your team by leaps and bounds on the very first night.

In fact, I’m so confident that my “Volleyball Drills & Practice Plans” will work for you and your team… I’m offering this outrageous guarantee.

Just test-drive my system by clicking on the blue order button. You’ll be instantly taken over to a special download page where you can access your material.

Then… take just one of the practice plans… take 5 minutes to review it… and try it at your very next practice (tonight if possible).

Just follow the step by step drill instructions, use the coaching tips, and let the practice unfold (each plan is formulated to be 100% dummy-proof -- no coaching experience is necessary).

And while your team is zipping through the drills like greased lightning, dramatically improving their skills and having loads of fun while your practice runs on "auto-pilot"...

You can sit back and smile with complete confidence...

Because you're covered by the most insanely generous guarantee in the volleyball business...



Test drive one of my Volleyball Practice Plans. If you don't have the Best Practice your team has EVER had

You'll Get a 100%
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Just email me right back and I'll immediately issue you a complete, fast, and full refund, with no questions asked.

But the book is yours to keep no matter what!

There are no if's, and's, or but's about it!

That's about as fair as it gets. You have absolutely no risk whatsoever!

Either you're blown away with how fun, efficient, and wildly effective my system is... or you get a refund and keep everything for free!

That's right, the 65 drills… plus the 35 practice plans… plus the Tryout Secrets special report… plus the Lifetime Updates are all yours to keep for FREE if you so choose.

There are no hassles

... no questions asked

... and definitely no "wiggle clauses"

You can take a full 60 days before you decide one way or another (even though I'm positive you'll see results in your very next practice).

If you don't see the immediate results I've talked about, you've wasted nothing but a few moments of your time.

That's all.

You only pay if you're absolutely convinced.

That's how powerful these volleyball coaching secrets are… how simple they are to master… and how confident I am that they will take your team to a level you could only dream about before!

Of course, I’m only making this outrageous offer to coaches who have qualified for my Hot List (which you're now on). No way I’d offer this "free if you want it" deal to a stranger - I'd get ripped off for sure.

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Coach Larry Reid

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You either have the best practice you’ve ever had… or you get every penny back with no hassles and no questions asked -- AND you keep the ebook and all the bonuses for free. It’s that simple.

PPS - Still not convinced? Listen to the feedback sent in by coaches just like you...

"The Girls Were So Pumped!"

"We want to let you know that we used your tools and had the opportunity to watch our team of young players develop in great ways over the volleyball season.

Our youngest girl was 10 and oldest 13, yet we played against Jr & Sr high school girls! Despite that we took 4th in our conference out of 8 teams. We were in a conference tournament and took 5th out of 8, but played the tournament winner our first round!

Then, we played a team we had lost to twice during the season and we beat them! The girls were so pumped and several of the other coaches and spectators alike approached us after the tournament and commented on how much our team improved and that we should be very proud!

We thank you for the blessing you have been to our team."

-Coach (Pastor) Deb Mallek & Asst. Coach Sharon Laska
Stevens Point Christian Academy
Lady Warriors

Downloaded And Had It In Minutes"

"Loved the easy access. I downloaded and had it in minutes. The pre-designed practice plans worked great, made planning easy and with less time. My team is 7-2 as of right now, a big improvement over the past few years."

-Nitta McTavish
Falcons Tampa FL

"6-0 Start"

"I love the variety of drills. It has helped my JV coach greatly, especially in organizing the flow of her practices. We've incorporated many of your combination drills, and have started out the season 6-0!"

-Fran DuVall
Poolesville High School
Poolesville, MD

California Coach Saves 55 Minutes Of Practice Prep...

"Planning practice used to take an hour, but now takes 5 minutes. If my week is crazy I know tht can just turn to the plans and have a couple of solid practices all lines out in minutes. "

-Julie Morrison

"Quick and Easy"

"I have seen success in my practices using the practice plans. I enjoyed that the the book was divided into useable sections at age level-ability-difficulty and into passing, setting, blocking skills grouped together. It is quick and easy. The book is easy to use, the practice plans are very well layed out with easy to follow instructions."

-Susan Mast
Liberty Eagles
Mountain View, MO

Alabama Coach Says...

"The plans are good for beginners as well as the advanced player, and they keep us from wasting valuable time."

-Donna Middleton
FDA Eagles
Greenville, AL USA

"Really Helped Us To Be Productive"

"We are 21 - 6 which has been a great year for us. The organized practices have been a great asset to my team. Having every thing in order to work on in steps has helped. We start off with Serving, recieving, Setting, hitting, blocking and recieving with the practice plans and the drills laid out this has really helped us to be productive."

-Mary W.
Team Hit-it
Houston, Texas


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