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Youth Volleyball Drills

Keep it Fun

For youth volleyball drills, the main focus should be fun. Athletes need to learn basic volleyball skills but in a fun environment that they enjoy participating in. If athletes feel intimidated or overwhelmed, they will be less likely to pick up new concepts and improve their performance.

To keep things light and fun, coaches should consider using music as a tool during youth volleyball drills. Drills set to music keep athletes interested and excited as well as take their mind off the learning they are doing. Coaches should also consider turning drills into a relay or competition to encourage athletes to do their best.

Teach a Little, Practice a Lot

One thing coaches often do wrong with youth volleyball is teaching too much and practicing too little. Because young athletes have a shorter attention span than their more mature counterparts, they need brief, on target beginner volleyball drills and lessons. Coaches should split up skills education into several parts so that athletes can digest each lesson without losing interest.

Coaches can sneak in several educational moves during practice by mixing them in with drills and games. Coaches should pick a theme for the day and spend the practice working on things related to the theme, such as serving or passing. Coaches can teach a bit of technique followed by a few drills, followed by a game and then another lesson.

This way, athletes stay interested and get lots of time to practice their new skills. As their coordination level will be lower than an older player, they will usually need more time to master basic skills. With a little preparation, coaches can keep everyone happy and educate without athletes even realizing it.

Set to Music

In this setting drill, players do their best to keep the ball in the air until the music stops. The purpose is to promote consistency, with athletes setting the ball in the same place each time they touch the ball. This drill can be spiced up by playing clips of popular songs, cut at different lengths.

The first song clip, players should set low, close to themselves. The second clip, they should set high, pushing the ball as far away from themselves as possible. Coaches can come up with other variations on setting to fill any additional song clips they may have.

Musical Digs

This drill combines conditioning with learning how to dig properly. The drill starts with music on. Athletes should begin running sprints from one end of the court to the other. Whenever the coach feels like it, they should turn off the music. Athletes must immediately fall into a dig position, hitting the ground. The last athlete to hit the ground is out.

This drill is similar to musical chairs, where the only person without a seat is considered “out.” The drill encourages athletes to conquer their fear of falling for the ball and turns the move into a competition. Coaches can reward the top players with a small prize or extra privilege during future youth volleyball drills. > Volleyball Drills > Youth Volleyball Drills

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