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Volleyball Skills

volleyball skillsBasic Volleyball Skills

The basics in volleyball are centered around a few volleyball skills, including blocking, serving, setting/passing, and hitting. Athletes need to be versed in each of these skills, but they will quickly develop a specialty. Too often, however, athletes allow themselves to get comfortable in one area and neglect to develop their other volleyball skills.

To keep athletes from becoming one-sided, coaches should ensure that athletes constantly practice all volleyball skills. This means that practices should be varied, allowing athletes exposure to different skills through drills and exercises.

How to Improve Volleyball Skills

Athletes wanting to do more than just enjoy themselves through sport will want to know how to improve their volleyball skills. The best way to achieve mastery is through lots of practice and dedication to the details. Athletes should spend significant time going over each skill, recognizing their deficiencies and working to improve them.

A great way for athletes to see their mistakes and make changes is to videotape a practice or competition. By doing so, athletes get a rare glimpse at themselves. This allows athletes to review their technique, form, and strength in a way only a coach usually can.

An Example of Volleyball Skills: Blocking

To be successful at volleyball skills, athletes need to understand blocking. Blocking in volleyball requires athletes to read their opponents and understand where the hitter is going to aim the ball. To block successfully, athletes should pay attention to where the hitter lines up and to wait just a moment before leaving the ground.

By waiting until just after the hitter hits the ball, the blocker gets a quick, accurate block. To block effectively, blockers should stand very close to the net but not touch it. When they leave the ground, their arms should be straight up with hands wide, giving more surface area to deflect the ball.

Volleyball Skills and Everyday Life

Athletes mastering volleyball skills also master necessary aspects of daily life. Athletes should be taught to bring those lessons and techniques from sport into their regular lives. Skills that can be transferred include attention to detail, determination to achieve a goal, ability to work well with others, and successful interfacing with authority.

When athletes learn how to master themselves through volleyball, they learn important lessons about how to be successful in the work and school worlds as well. Coaches and parents should encourage athletes to find their niche in volleyball and strive for excellence. Parents and coaches should also inform athletes of the parallel situations between work/school and sports.

By helping athletes understand and master volleyball skills, coaches help develop athletes for life. They should always remember their responsibility not just to help athletes become successful in volleyball but in life as well. With that mindset, coaches will navigate athletes smoothly through the sport and give them valuable skills for life. > Volleyball Skills

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