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Basic Skills in Volleyball

Setting Skills

Of the basic skills in volleyball, setting is fairly difficult, simply because other team members rely on the success of the set. If a setter does not perform the set well, the hitter will have a hard time hitting accurately.

Setting is widely considered to be in the basic skills in volleyball. It is essentially an overhead pass that a hitter uses to hit the ball over the net, attempting to prevent the defense from returning the pass. The setter should get into a routine with hitters, so that the two can become comfortable with each other. If there are multiple hitters, the setter should practice with each one until both understand the rhythm of the other’s play style.

To set properly, setters should get directly under the ball, passing it directly above them with the fingertips. The setter should never let the ball touch their palms, because it will kill the momentum of the ball and make the set slower and sloppier. The setter should then get out of the way, allowing the hitter to get into position for a successful hit.

Hitting Skills

Hitting is another basic skill in volleyball that can make or break a team. Hitters must be high jumpers with fast reflexes and excellent hand-eye coordination. Hitters should always allow themselves enough room to move forward before jumping to meet the ball. This often means that hitters have to start 10 feet or more behind the ball so that they meet it at the top of the jump.

The key to hitting properly is timing. The hitter must recognize when the ball will reach them and plan the jump accordingly. Hitter should strive to hit the ball when they are at their highest, to allow the ball to travel further.

Hitters should also extend their hitting arm before touching the ball. This allows the hitter to put maximum power behind the hit. Finally, the wrist snap is essential to forcing the ball down and preventing the opposing team from returning it. Be sure to use these alongside our volleyball passing drills.

Serving Skills

There are two types of serves, appropriate for different levels of skill and development. The float serve starts with the server behind the endline with their feet planted firmly. The server tosses the ball into the air a bit above their head and hits it straight on with the palm. This serve is supposed to float over the net and wobble a bit, making it more difficult to return.

The second method of serving is the jump serve. The jump serve is a difficult move that not all athletes are ready for, especially if they are younger team members. The server starts by tossing the ball into the air; athletes should remember that they must toss the ball overhand, not underhand. They can toss with either hand or with both hands together.

Once the ball is in the air, the server should jump to meet it at its highest point, matching the top of the jump to the top of the throw. The server should hit the ball with the palm of the hand, making good contact with the ball. Using these tips, servers can master the basic skills in volleyball. > Volleyball Skills > Basic Skills in Volleyball

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