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How To Improve Volleyball Skills

Improvement Through Repetition how to improve volleyball skills

Though it is mundane, repetition is highly effective in how to improve volleyball skills. The body needs time to process and create muscle memory from movements; this muscle memory comes only from repetition.

Repetition is how to improve volleyball skills because it allows the mind to focus on other things. Once the body is comfortable with a series of movements, the mind no longer has to spend conscious effort instructing the body on what to do. This leaves the mind free to examine the technique of the move and identify weak spots in one’s playing style.

Repetition also creates routine. By regularizing a movement, athletes allow their bodies to get into a rhythm. If an athlete can never bump the ball from the same place on their forearms, they will never achieve consistency in their playing, which is so important to success.

Attention to Detail

Once the body is comfortable with the movements of the sport, something that comes through repetition, the best way to improve volleyball skills is to pay attention to the details. The placement of the feet under the body or where the eyes are focused can have a tremendous impact on an athlete’s performance.

If an athlete is unhappy with their performance in a particular skill, they should do the skill several times, taking note of body placement, where they are looking, and how they feel during the move. The feeling is extremely important, because athletes may pick up on something that a coach or other observer does not notice.

Paying attention to these details and making minute changes are great ways to improve volleyball skills. Athletes should not get too zealous, however, and make several changes at once. Changes should be implemented one at a time, allowing the body to adjust and seeing if it makes the difference in improving technique. If not, athletes should go back and find another small change they can make.

Listen to the Body

Just like paying attention to how one feels during a move, listening to the body in general is a great way to improve volleyball skills. Athletes will get the most out of practice or competition if they play to their strengths. If a move is uncomfortable or if the athlete is feeling slower than usual that day, perhaps a day of rest is in order.

If the athlete decides to practice, they should listen to their body, allowing it to rest when needed. By paying attention to these small details, athletes will learn to listen to their body in other ways, such as if their hips are squared properly or if their shoulder is dropped. Learning to listen to the body and make slight changes is an advanced and important way of improving volleyball skills. > Volleyball Skills > How to Improve Volleyball Skills

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