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Volleyball Passing

Starting Stance

Athletes preparing for volleyball passing should begin by perfecting their stance. Passers should begin in a relaxed “athletic” stance, with the muscles ready and the legs bent. Weight should be carried on the balls of the feet, allowing athletes to move quickly without getting tripped up.

Volleyball passing happens after the opponent successfully clears the blocker, which means that passers will have a few moments after the play begins to really prepare. Passers should use this time to adjust their stance, allowing them to move in whatever direction the ball is heading.

Efficient Passing Movement

Because passers must beat the ball to its location, they must move efficiently. Efficient moving requires athletes to make as few movements as possible to arrive at their location. To do this, athletes should step first with the foot closest to the ball. Their body should stay “quiet,” meaning that the head and arms should not bounce around as they move but stay still and prepared.

Another way to improve efficiency in movement is to build strength and power behind each step. Athletes should work on improving leg strength so that each step explodes off the ground and propels the athlete forward.

Aiming the Pass

Athletes must understand the relationship between the position of their shoulders and the direction the ball will go. Athletes wanting to pass in front of them should position their bodies directly behind the ball with their shoulders square. The body in general should be facing where the ball is intended to go.

When passing to the right, athletes should drop their right shoulder. The athlete’s body should also be slightly to the left of the ball, not straight on like when passing forward. The same is true for passing to the left, with athletes dropping their left shoulder instead.

Achieving Consistency

The best passers are successful because they are consistent. They understand how important it is to have a properly passed ball so the setter can do their job and the hitter can get the ball over the net.

Athletes can achieve consistency in several ways. The first is to perfect and pay close attention to the hand and arm placement. Hands should always be clasped tightly with the wrists in line with the rest of the arm. The arms should be locked tight and the shoulders held strong.

Another way to achieve consistency is through repetition. Athletes must continually practice passing in order to master it. Practicing also helps athletes learn basic skills in volleyball.

Final Thoughts on Volleyball Passing

Volleyball passing requires athletes to start in the correct stance, move efficiently to meet the ball, and pass well consistently. Athletes should conserve movement by building lower body strength and keeping the head and shoulders still. They should start in a ready position, allowing them to move in any direction. Finally, athletes should practice regularly and ensure proper hand and arm placement to achieve consistency. > Volleyball Skills > Volleyball Passing

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