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Volleyball Training

Always in Training

Athletes should look at life as if they are always in volleyball training. By doing so, they will make smarter choices about what they eat, what they do, and how they take care of their bodies. To act as if they are always in training, athletes will need help from their friends, family, and fellow athletes.

When an athlete decides to live in volleyball training all the time, they will first want to inform their family of their decision and talk over how it will affect the family, especially in terms of family activities and meal times. Once the athlete has worked out a plan with their family, they should discuss the decision with friends, asking for support and requesting that they not encourage the athlete to make poor choices.

Staying in training all the time is a difficult task when there are temptations, but working with friends and family to make lifestyle changes makes things easier. Perhaps the athlete’s friends and family will want to join in when they realize the healthy choices such a mindset encourages.

Combining Volleyball Practice with Competition

Athletes need a mix of practice and competition when they are in training. Practice gives volleyball players a chance to work on new skills and perfect old ones, while competition gives them a chance to try for success against a real opponent. Mixing things up like this keeps athletes interested and excited about the sport.

Athletes in volleyball training should practice several times a week, with four to five days being ideal. Athletes need some time off for rest, but they should spend most days working out in some respect. Days off for a volleyball player should never be consecutive.

No matter how motivated the athlete, rest days should never be skipped. Rest days are essential to building muscle and helping the athlete become stronger, because they allow the body to rebuild and heal from the work it does regularly through practice and strength-training sessions.

On competition days, athletes should not engage in strength training or regular practice. Competition days should be reserved for game exercise only so that the muscles are well rested and ready to go.

Preparing for Game Day

Prepare for game day by sharing volleyball training tips with your athletes. Players should stick to a regular schedule. They should wake up at a normal time and engage in regular daily activities. Most importantly, athletes should eat healthy meals. The day of a competition is not the right time to try new, exotic foods or overindulge in a favorite meal.

Athletes should arrive with ample time before the competition to allow them time for preparation and warm-up without stress when volleyball training. Many athletes prefer to bring a personal music device with them to stay calm or silently chant positive messages to calm themselves and channel their strength. Regardless of what an athlete chooses to do before a game, the important thing is that they are consistent from one game to another. > Volleyball Skills > Volleyball Training

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